Frequently asked questions

I don’t have time and I don’t want additional stress in my life

ROCK with your POP™ is all about incorporating life-changing habits impacting your life with prolapse one step at a time. The secret is about knowing what makes you symptomatic & what doesn´t, and implementing micro moments to change this into your day to regain natural energy to be able to go through the day, reduce stress into your life aka creating peace…etc

It is about giving you space to recharge, be energized, feel strong & confident.

All you need to start is 5 minutes a day.

It could be while you wait for the kids to come out of school, in your bathroom while you get ready, or between two meetings. The whole point is to make it fit into your already busy schedule.

5 minutes a day for the implementation instead of scrolling through Instagram!

And we meet online. No getting stuck in traffic or time spent looking for a parking space. You can jump on the call from the comfort of your home.

You will need time for the coaching session!

Here I would like you to ask yourself. will I spend my time (no payback) or will I invest my time (personal growth) in connecting my mind & body for more balance and inner peace?

Only YOU can answer!

Will this work for me?

My method is a mix of practical tools. We define the ones which resonate the most with you to ensure you can successfully implement them into your busy life.

If you put in the work and take advantage of my guidance you will get results. I have never worked with a mum who put in the work and didn’t see positive results. I am confident you will too!

How would Health & Lifestyle Coaching helps with my prolapse?  I am already doing pelvic floor physical therapy.

I have no doubt that our lifestyle choices impact our pelvic health (prolapses) and discomfort. There is a definite link between the food we eat, the pains we feel in our bodies, our mood and much more. The healing is WHOLE!

Pelvic floor therapy is the first (or one of the first)  thing you need to implement in your life when you are diagnosed with prolapse. It is so important to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Did you already experience to know what you need to do e.g your 10-min PF exercises but just not doing it!

With my health & Lifestyle coaching for prolapses, we work on 2 main matters. First we bring awareness on what is impacting your life with prolapses looking at nutrition, movement, sleep, stress management…etc. Then we make sure we change your behaviours and incorporate life-changing habits into your life to live better with your prolapse.

It is not only about what you know, but what you do with what you know!

What is a discovery call and how should I prepare for it?

The discovery call is a time we connect for the first time to see if we are a good fit to work together. 

Write down your biggest challenges and what would you like to achieve in 3 / 6 / 12 months?

We explore briefly where you are at, what are your health goals and how can working with me help you. We go through what health coaching is and is not. We clarify any doubt and align our expectations.

What is the difference between a coach and a therapist?

A therapist works with you to solve past traumas and implement coping mechanisms to manage your life today.

As a Coach I will be working with you to grow yourself to your next best version. You will have tools to grow and unfold your SuperPowers!

What is the difference between a coach and a nutritionist?

A nutritionist prescribes an eating plan to implement.

As a Coach I will be working with you to implement the nutritionist plan or we will co-create a wellness plan with you according to what you want and need and suits your lifestyle.

Is coaching online as efficient as working in person?

I coach online using Zoom, a video conferencing platform.

If you are worried that a virtual conversation does not have the same impact as a face to face one, I need to reinsure you.

I have been trained to coach online.

A good coach will listen to you with all their senses. Through the video conferencing, I am not only able to hear what you say, but I am also able to pick up on subtle hints like your tone of voice, body posture, gestures…etc., that may be telling a deeper story.

From my personal experience, I have connected and developed beautiful relationships via video Conferencing.

I am so grateful and embrace this opportunity everyday to connect with amazing people around the world. 

I am ready to get started. What is my next step?

I am very excited to work with you! 

There are so many coaches out there, how do I know we’re a good fit to work together?

I got my certification through The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

This is the gold standard in Health Coaching Certification with the ONLY program designed and delivered in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine.

My background is combining coaching techniques with the Functional medicine principles, Positive Psychology and Mind Body Medicine.

Health coaching is a lot more than just looking at the nutrition or fitness aspects of an individual. It is looking at sleep, exercise, relaxation, stress management techniques, exercise, recreation because health is the result of all of this together. AND most importantly, I am a mum of three with diagnosed prolapses since 8 years. I am like you! I understand firsthand the specific challenges you´re facing, the lack of time, the excess of stress and overwhelm. I´ve managed to create a sustainable lifestyle, living feeling strong & confident with my prolapses mand I know you can too!

Are you ready to be active in changing your health and the way you feel?

Do you want some practical tips on how to manage your life with POP feeling strong & confident?

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