I help mums with pelvic organ prolapses to incorporate life-changing habits to live feeling strong & confident, using a proven mind body approach.

Hi, Benedicte here.

After 8 years being diagnosed with prolapses and on my own health journey, I made it my mission to coach mums to live with their prolapses feeling strong & confident, starting with 5 minutes a day! 

Don´t let your prolapse dictate your life. You can build up your amazing future. A life where you feel energized, full of joy, strong & confident.

Between my exclusive & personalised 1:1 coaching program or my workshops, discover how with my mind-body approach and very practical tools customized to your Lifestyle, you can change the way you live with your POP and feel in the long run.

Rock with your POP™

Exclusive & personalized 1:1 coaching program.

For mums with pelvic organ prolapses who want to incorporate life-changing habits to live with their POP feeling strong & confident. We transform your health & wellbeing vision into your reality by creating a SYSTEM of habits that works FOR YOU and your family.



In-Person & Online Workshops

A variety of workshops to address your life with prolapses, Health & Wellbeing one step at a time.


What mums are saying…

“This is completely different with Bene! Bene’s friendly and practical approach breaks down all the myths and provides hints and tips you can genuinely follow and accommodate into your everyday life – no matter how busy you are, the routine of your life or the number of kids you have!”

Elizabeth - UK

“Deciding to work with Bénédicte has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I now feel less anxious about the future in general, and much more mentally organized.”

Jasmine - USA

“It has given me a massive boost and my motivation has skyrocketed. The tips we receive feel light and achievable.”

Philippine - Australia

Do you want some practical tips on how to manage your life with POP feeling strong & confident?

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