Hi, I am Benedicte,

entrepreneur and mum of 3 wearing all the hats.

From exhausted and overwhelmed to calm energized & balance.

Before I had children, I was a corporate highflyer for over 20 years.

Jetting all over Europe and living what can only be described as the UNHEALHTIEST period of my life.

  • Early rising to catch a plane.
  • Pulling all-nighters to meet a tight deadline.
  • Eating airport food… Please don’t judge me!
  • Surviving solely on sugar, coffee and the occasional vino (ahem!).

Having my children didn’t make me slow down.

I thought: “Of course, I can manage it all” : taking care of a 2 year old and a newborn, still working full time, travelling across Europe and having friends around all the time.

My life was great! It was so much fun… not!

I was continuously tired, stressed but still wanted to do it all.

I was in my hamster wheel, chasing calm and peace all week long, could not wait to be Friday evening or holidays to relax and slow down.

Have my “Me” time.

I was not enjoying being a mum at all.

I didn’t want to give up too much of my life “before the kids” and become “boring”, “settling down”.

Not me!

I kept pushing. I was digging deeper.

Waiting for the MAGICAL moment!

I was getting signs all over the places that I needed to slow down.

A day before moving to Germany, I was organizing a huge move, getting the kids out of school, saying goodbye to everyone, I booked this last-minute B6B for us and my parents. We arrived and realized it was only 1 room for all of us. Everyone was upset. I was told that I could not keep doing it all, it was not sustainable, I needed to slow down and stop working. 

I felt the whole world was against me. 

I met with a friend to complain about what others were saying and judging and I’ll never forget what she said: “Benedicte, it’s not about them. They are showing you something you need to change.”

I needed to find time to take care of myself so I could truly be there for my kids & be the role model I wanted to be.

The magical moment happened: I woke up!

I had already started on my own health journey and knew what I needed to take care of my body physically with nutrition and exercise. But I didn’t yet know what I needed emotionally and spiritually to find calm and peace in my daily life.

It took me one more year, and the blessing of a third pregnancy to start the “Inner Work”!

I took a parenting course called “Cool parents make happy kids”, read a hand full of self-development books, my favorites “Design the life you love” from Ayse Birsel or the Desire Map from Danielle LaPorte, listened to many podcasts like “Role Model”, worked with health coaches and found my passion and became a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach.

I took a holistic approach to my health and wellness to help me achieve my new normal.

The most important thing I learned was practical and easy to implement strategies and tips that I could do in just 5 minutes a day that made a massive impact on my health and wellbeing. I discovered the critical link between the food we eat, the stress we experience in our bodies, our mood and much more.

Today. I am smiling. I am happy.

I sing in the car loudly on my way to pick up the children and look forward to hugging them.

I know I am enough.  I do not compare myself with anyone else. We are all at different chapters in our life. I am where I need to be.

I am calm, energised.  I no longer jump out of the bed in the morning feeling exhausted and behind.

Life is still very busy. stress is a natural part of mum´s life.

I just know now how to navigate through those challenges. When one of the kids bursts in tears, I take a moment, take a deep breath, and respond to the situation instead of feeling a sense of panic.

I know how to find calm among the chaos.

I get quicker into balance when I fall off the wagon.

I am grateful every day for what I have in my life,

When I stop a minute, I start observing one of the kids: the color of her eyes, his blond hair, her cheeky smile. I feel a huge feeling of gratitude, sometimes overwhelming. Those 3 angels are the treasures of my life.

I enjoy my motherhood so much. Now.

I did the work. The inner work. I created peace for me, within me.

I will keep doing it every single day. There is so much to learn, and it is so much rewarding.

After 7 years being a mother and on my own health journey, I made it my mission to turn exhausted overwhelmed working mums into calmer, energized, more balanced mums in just 5 minutes a day!

Don’t wait to be burned out.
Don’t wait for the kids to move out of home.
Don’t wait for life to slow down for you.

Take care of yourself.


You reach a point in your life where you need to prioritize your wellbeing so that you can regain your natural energy and find inner peace to face everyday challenges with calm and confidence and become the role model you always wanted to be!

I want to put a smile back on your face!