Hi, I am Benedicte,

entrepreneur and mum of 3 wearing all the hats.

From confused, embarrassed, furious new mum to empowered prolapse health & lifestyle coach!

Before I had children, I was a corporate highflyer for over 20 years.

Jetting all over Europe and living what can only be described as the UNHEALHTIEST period of my life.

  • Early rising to catch a plane.
  • Pulling all-nighters to meet a tight deadline.
  • Eating airport food… Please don’t judge me!
  • Surviving solely on sugar, coffee and the occasional vino (ahem!)

So to regulate my weight and my love for food and wine, I tried every diet imaginable to mankind. I went from one extreme to another from fasting for 14 days (what an experience!) to trying, low carb, low fat, high protein diets…

These diets in many ways mirrored a sugar hit; I’d get a quick fix, quickly lose a few kilos and then give myself permission to go back binging on food and wine. A few weeks later I was back hating the results and forcing myself into starting the next diet I had researched.

For all those years I probably managed to deplete myself of good nutrients, minerals and vitamins. But like all sugar hits this was not sustainable.

My body decided we were going on this journey to love and nurture it FULL STEAM AHEAD.

Soon after the birth of my first daughter I was diagnosed with a BLADDER PROLAPSE!
Excuse me?!

I was as confused as you are right now when I heard these words.
I thought, “What is it? Why did I never heard about this? Will I have this forever?”

As a woman I felt ashamed, embarrassed, FURIOUS, confused and let down by my body.

This is not what I signed up for when I decided to become a mum.

As I would quickly discover, some of the terrible symptoms of bladder prolapse include feeling pressure or fullness in the pelvic area, pain in the lower back, and constantly feeling like you have to pee and either not being able to, or doing so uncontrollably. And those are just the main ones I experienced, some women experience even more! AND here is the best part …… my DOCTOR (the medically trained “professional”) told me it was NORMAL and there was NO TREATMENT and I should get USED TO IT. Not even Physiotherapy would help!

Everything happens for a reason…

I didn’t accept that nothing could be done to ease the discomfort.

Looking back I realized . THIS WAS THE TURNING POINT IN MY LIFE.
I googled, researched, educated myself. This is where I realized I was not alone; 1 out 4 women over 40, meaning thousands of women live ashamed of their condition and symptoms after pregnancy. They live thinking this is the new normal to uncontrollably wet themselves after having a baby, normal to have back pain, or pain during sexual lntercourses, normal to feel discomfort, normal to be extremely tired, normal to be irritable all the time, … I discovered no one is talking about these things and yet so many mums are experiencing it.

NOT IN MY WORLD! I wanted my new normal to be AMAZING: I wanted to like what I saw in the mirror, running after the bus or playing with the kids without being afraid of accidentally peeing in my pants, I wanted to laugh and be a fun mum, a confident and sexy wife!

I turned my challenges into my passion!

My diagnosis ended up being a blessing in disguise. If I had not had that prolapse diagnosis, I likely would have continued living an unhealthy lifestyle and ended up with more problems in the long run.

I took a holistic approach to my health and wellness to help me achieve this new amazing normal.

This whole personal journey has left me with no doubt that our lifestyle choices impact our pelvic health (prolapses) and discomfort. There is a definite link between the food we eat, the pains we feel in our bodies, our mood and much more. The healing is WHOLE and we have the power to HEAL!

After 8 years on my own health journey I decided to pursue my passion fully. As a functional medicine certified health coach I now help warrrior mums like YOU to incorporate life-changing habits, easy practical everyday tools to live with their POP feeling strong and confident.

I want to put a smile back on your face!

Join me and I will show you that it is possible to live with prolapse feeling strong & confident.

Let´s Rock with your POP!